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We encourage you to share the image above on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your own personal blog! Are you ready for more exciting news? Director Sean Hanish and his wife, Kiley’s Return To Zero interview with Brooke Anderson of Entertainment Tonight is scheduled to air Wednesday, May 7th! Check your local listings for time and channel in your area.


What’s it about?

Based on a true story, Return to Zero, tells the story of a successful couple, Maggie and Aaron, who are preparing for the arrival of their first child. Just weeks before their due date they are devastated to discover that their baby son has died in the womb and will be stillborn.

The two attempt to go on with their lives but cannot escape their postpartum grief and their relationship has been forever altered by this loss. They try to cope in a myriad of ways– through denial, escape, and alcohol– but when Maggie discovers that Aaron is having an affair with a co-worker, she decides to end the marriage. Just when Maggie believes she has started a new life, she discovers that she is pregnant. With the help of an empathetic doctor who once experienced a similar loss, Maggie finally learns to grieve for her son and must reunite with Aaron to prepare for their second pregnancy.

Below are some pictures taken from tonight’s red carpet event for the Return To Zero movie premier in Los Angeles.

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