Memory Boxes, Sibling Backpacks, and Miscarriage Memory Bags

Forever Footprints provides Memory Boxes, Sibling Backpacks, and Miscarriage Memory Bags to hospitals and organizations in Orange County and surrounding areas to give to families grieving the loss of their pregnancy or baby.

Forever Footprints Backpacks


Memory Boxes are a precious keepsake for a family who lost a baby. Boxes are given directly to families who request them. They are also shared with local hospitals, where nurses lovingly present them to grieving families.

Memory Boxes include a handmade baby blanket, a special teddy bear, a handmade candle and information about support services. Sometimes, this is the only keepsake families have of their baby, and they are treasured forever.

Forever Footprints Backpacks

Sibling Backpack

How can you ever begin to explain the loss of a baby to another child? What are the right words? Forever Footprints provides Sibling Backpacks to aid in the understanding and healing of children who are grieving the loss of a brother or sister. The backpacks include children’s books, coloring books and a special teddy bear.

Forever Footprints Backpacks

CLA Miscarriage Memory Bags

CLA Miscarriage Memory Bags help provide comfort to families who experience the loss of their pregnancy under 20 weeks. Often times these losses occur in hospital emergency rooms or physicians offices. The families leave with no memories of their pregnancy. Made possible by CliftonLarsonAllen, these precious bags help provide resources, comfort and important information on our Miscarriage Support Program.

Are you a hospital or medical/nonprofit organization?

We would love to supply your hospital or organization with Memory Boxes and/or Sibling Backpacks and hope these items will bring comfort to the families you serve. Please fill out the form linked below. We will be in contact within 1-2 business days with more information.

Are you interested in donating Memory Boxes and/or Sibling Backpacks in honor of your or your loved one’s baby or babies?

Memory Boxes, Sibling Backpacks, and Miscarriage Memory Bags are given directly to families grieving the loss of a baby, and generous donations toward these items ensure that we can keep up with the requests we receive from local hospitals and organizations. Some families like to make a financial donation to go toward Memory Boxes, Miscarriage Bags and/or Sibling Backpacks, and others like to organize a fundraising campaign to enlist the support of their loved ones. We also welcome and encourage families to get involved in the assembly of the boxes, bags, and backpacks, and some even opt to join us when we drop to boxes and backpacks off to the hospital. Please reach out to for more information.

Are you a business looking for ways to give back to your community and support your employees?

Corporate donations toward Memory Boxes, Miscarriage Memory Bags, and Sibling Backpacks make a direct impact in your community. Additionally, Memory Box and Sibling Backpack Assembly Days allow businesses to engage their employees in the process in a hands-on and meaningful way. If you’re interested in making a corporate donation toward Memory Boxes and/or Sibling Backpacks, please reach out to

Thank you to our Memory Box, Sibling Backpack, and Miscarraige Memory Bag Donors!

Nina Swaminathan Campaign

The Swaminathan Family

our 2022 Sibling Backpack Sponsor, in honor of Nina Swaminathan

The Kennedy Family

The Kennedy Family

our 2022 Memory Box Sponsor, in honor of Colt Lee Kennedy

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Cori Barnard

in honor of her twins, Leonardo and Lucille

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The Pickett Family

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Jack Zamora

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The Spanos Family

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Travis Baker

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