Bryanna Deniece

Memorial Message:
I love you baby girl! There is never a day that goes by without me thinking of what you’d be doing. I know you’re being a great big sister to Jhournie! Kisses baby girl! 💜

Date of Birth: 2011-10-07
Date of Loss: 2011-10-07

Aidette Guadalupe Mejia

Memorial Message:
Too Beautiful for Earth💜
Love you and miss you soo much mami.

Date of Birth: 2016-08-02
Date of Loss: 2016-08-02

Olivia Jasmine Lopez

Memorial Message:
Even though I only had you for a short time, I’m forever grateful that I was able to meet you. I love you, babys.

Date of Birth: 2016-07-05
Date of Loss: 2016-09-27

Baby Hance

Memorial Message:
Her footprints forever imprinted in our hearts

Date of Birth: 2017-06-23
Date of Loss: 2017-02-09

Baby Boyd

Memorial Message:
We love you and will see you in heaven!

Date of Loss: 2016-12-06