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All funds raised by the OC Walk to Remember are used to provide grief support for families who have lost a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, pregnancy loss or other infant loss.

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Welcome to the 1st Yoga to Remember Class

Close your eyes and let your mind be free. On November 16, 2013, the 1st Yoga to Remember class was lead by Rachel Gray. It was a chance for mom’s who have lost a baby to unwind and re-build positive energy.

“I will not be broken”

“The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is NOW.”

“When your body changes, your breathing can be changed. When your breathing changes, then your thoughts can be changed. And when your thoughts change, then you can be changed.”

“Today is full of possible”

“A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful. She is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.”

“Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.”

“There is no need of any competition with anybody. You are yourself, and as you are, you are perfectly good. Accept yourself.”

“The spirit within me honors and respects the spirit withing you.”

Reminder to mark your calendars! Yoga classes will be held every 3rd Saturday of each month. If you forget, there will be another message posted on our Facebook page for the next upcoming class.

We hope everyone who came out enjoyed the new yoga class.


New Announcement: 1st Yoga to Remember Class on November 16, 2013!

Jump up out of bed and join us for the 1st Yoga to Remember class on November 16th!   If you cannot make this session, you’ll have another opportunity to take the Yoga to Remember class every third Saturday, of each month. This is a wonderful opportunity for all levels, even if it will be your first time doing yoga. Rachel’s passion lies in helping women and couples overcome suffering. Rachel’s approach is holistic in nature and addresses the mind/body connection. She is whole heartedly committed to helping women work through and guide them doing their own grief and pain journey. Rachel also had a stillbirth. Her deep understanding and compassion for grieving mothers combined with her training in education equip her with the necessary tools to help other women heal from such a potentially debilitating experience in a therapeutic setting. She is currently offering psychotherapy under the supervision of Laura Navarro Pickens, LCSW, in Newport Beach, CA. Rachel is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Instructor with over 10 years of teach experience. Rachel also provides yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in corporate, individual, and group settings.

“At 27 weeks, my baby boy, Dylan was born still. My heart was broken and my world turned upside down. Yoga played a significant role in the healing of my loss along with my PTSD symptoms.  My automatic response was to detach from my body like so many other grieving mommas do, but I knew that the ‘Only way out is through’. Over time, I once again learned to find joy and peace in the stillness and silence within. It is my intention to help other grieving mothers do the same.”

-Rachel Gray Safyurtlu, M.A

How Yoga Can Help Heal After The Loss of a Baby

The principles learned in yoga such as: deep breathing, one pointed concentration, and mindful alertness to name only a few, can help a grieving mother move forward in her grief. The tools cultivated from a yoga practice can help life feel more bearable. The yogini (yoga practitioner/feminine) learns to breathe through the difficult emotions with a deep inner knowing that they will pass. As time continues, new emotions arrive including guilt perhaps when she isn’t thinking of her precious baby or shame when she finds a smile on her face that feels incongruent because of the fact that her baby is dead. There might be moments of anger toward other mothers  who never have to know the pain of losing a baby. Waves of isolation can sweep in at unexpected moments like when the wrong words come from supporting and loving mouths.

Yoga teaches her how to ride the stormy waves of grief. She might disconnect from her body as a result of the trauma of her loss. Yoga can help connect with her highest self and reintegrate and reconnect with her body in a gentle way that involves relaxation, calming the nervous system, and an attitude of compassion to oneself.

With a safe environment and an experienced yoga teacher, she can safely explore her grief and befriend her body using specific techniques and postures. She learns to make space for her grief and emotions, to treat herself with loving kindness, and flow withe all the difficult challenges that life presents. Her grief never goes away. With time it just changes and she learns to carry it with her like a warrior momma. Eventually, the grieving mother can look back at all she survived and create a new life in which she can thrive. Yoga can be an amazing source of healing for the grieving mother.

To see more of Rachel’s work, visit The Project Lotus

2013-2014 Grant Opportunity From the OC Walk to Remember

OC Walk to Remember is pleased to announce an opportunity for funding to programs related to pregnancy and infant loss. The following application covers all the details of the Grant RFP. Most importantly, the deadline for applications is set for November 15, 2013.

Click here to download the grant application: OC Walk Grant Application (doc)

For more information please contact:

Kristin Cyprien                                                                                                                 Executive Director                                                                                                                    OC Walk to Remember                                                                                                (657)212-6500                                                                    


Your Special Moments From October 5, 2013

We asked participants to send us photos from the OC Walk to Remember event and the emails keep coming in! You are welcome to leave a comment below with a link to an album you would like to share or email me and it will be posted here. Thank you! Displayed are your pictures from October 5, 2013:

Barbara & Aaron Dieppa celebrate Ava

“Last year, on Oct 5, 2012 we delivered our daughter stillborn due to unknown causes . She was 6 months and had no previous problems. I wasn’t even sure of I could get out of bed this day and was anxious about all the emotions I would feel. But instead we got up, and celebrated the fact of how far we have healed, and celebrated the memory of our firstborn daughter. I am currently 9 months pregnant with our rainbow baby , Leila due on Nov 2. Your organization is wonderful, and has all the resources available and is helpful to refer others to who have experienced such a loss.”


Call for 2014 Board of Directors

Due to the amazing growth of OC Walk to Remember, we are expanding our Board of Directors. We are accepting nominations for this prestigious, highly visible position through the end of October 2013. Self-nominations are encouraged.
The Board of Directors provides skills and connections and offers vision and direction to the organization. The OCWTR is seeking diverse candidates with experience in sales, marketing, executive management, finance, health care, psychology, fundraising, event management, and non-profit work who are passionate about our cause and the work that we do. 




  • Board Members meet approximately  4 – 6 times per year, including one full-day retreat.
  • Board Members are required to attend the annual OC Walk to Remember 5K event
  • Board Members have minimum fundraising requirements
  • Board Members may occasionally be asked to perform other various duties to help promote and grow the organization
  • Board Members serve a term of 2 years, which is renewable upon mutual agreement

Prospective Board Members should email a resume or CV and a letter explaining his/her desire to serve on OC Walk to Remember Board of Directors to

Selected nominees will be contacted in November for an in-person interview. Final decisions will be made by the end of November.

Any questions should be directed to Kristyn von Rotz at