Ethan Daniel Hernandez

Ethan Daniel Hernandez. Into our arms at 1:32pm, into the arms of Jesus at 3:05pm.
We got to know a lot about Ethan in the seven months we spent with him before he was born and in the short time we held him after. Although he was tiny, he had a big personality and was full of life from the beginning. We’ll always remember the time when Ethan did a full somersault in his 20-week ultrasound. He used both feet to push off and do a complete flip, almost as if he was trying to show off for us. Our ultrasound tech said she had never seen anything like it! He loved to wiggle and kick and the doctors always commented on how active he was. He especially loved it when Daddy read to him and gave him high-fives and when Mommy sang to him. He had Daddy’s appetite and always requested Del Taco for dinner. In multiple ultrasounds, he had his hands up like he was ready to fight. He was a strong little guy. In the time we spent holding him, we fell so much more in love with him than we could’ve imagined. He had the sweetest little lips and nose and looked so peaceful as he drifted to sleep and into the arms of Jesus.
Ethan’s life made a big impact on us. He taught us to pray, even when it was hard. He taught us to not be afraid to be vulnerable and open, and to ask hard questions. He taught us to surrender our fears and to rest in God’s perfect plan. He helped us see a glimpse of what God’s unconditional love looks like.

Date of Birth: 2015-08-16
Date of Loss: 2015-08-16


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November 19, 2015

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